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From voice lessons to voice teacher....

I wish to welcome you to my website which will give you an insight into my life as a singer....first, as always a perpetual student, and then performer of jazz, musical theater and opera, to my teaching and mentoring of singers. It is with ardent fervor that I have followed this path as a singer, filled with passion for the study of the voice.

My life has been a constant breathing of the ephemeral human voice in its' mystery since my studies began as a young child. Singing is and was a part of daily life, singing and breathing through life. I studied the violin as a young girl into adulthood and this helped so much to understand the sense of musical connection of phrases and long musical lines.

As a voice teacher, voice coach, and mentor I have found that music, singing, and creating are almost primordial for many people. I try in my work to bring an understanding of the voice to each person as each voice is an individual spirit and color, helping them find and hold their own singular quality.

In my work I hope always to bring an understanding of the voice to each person no matter what genre of music they are studying. I have sung in many extraordinary places, continue to sing and teach the most beautiful lines of music and poetry that continue to fill my life. My students have gone on to Juilliard, The Manhattan School, l'Ecole Normale de la Musique, Consevatoire Nationale de Paris and many of the other fine schools in Europe. The beginning professionals are an important of my work as they need a guide, mentor and teacher after they have left the sheltered life of conservatory. My teaching has lead me to coaching the art to great stars of today....from Mylene Farmer an incredible star of pop music in Europe to Sting the eternal evolutionary star and student of the art of singing and music.

From violin studies on to voice studies with a tenor of German and Austrian technique, and then on to Juilliard where the work of an American technique with Beverly Johnson added to my education which gave me quite a varied outlook and knowledge of singing. It was also a time where I began searching for more....that continual search.

During this early study and through my work in post-graduate performance study at Juilliard I began to search for another clearer and more heart-felt path. The light on the path was dimming and doubt was replacing understanding and joy was lost. Somehow the light re-appeared in a chance meeting that was probably not by chance one day as I had the great fortune to meet the tenor Franco Corelli and his wife Loretta di Lelio. The chance meeting with Franco Corelli lead me down a path as well , of patience, curiosity, respect,joy and love of the art.

With this meeting my life changed from one day to the next.....the path was lightened again and again with extraordinary work in learning and performing my first “La Traviata” with Nicola Rescigno. After that amazing beginning I had the opportunity to work with Guiliano Carella, Vahktang Jordania and Armin Jordan who were amongst the many extraordinary musicians I met on my path.

I work as well with the young beginner on their path to help them build their technique, honing their craft and adding building their voice to the great stars who are creating and delving deeper into their voices as they move on to greater heights in their quest for deeper understanding of their own art.

We are all on the path of the mysteries of the human voice in one way or another...I would like to share something of what I have learned on my journey as I continue the study,the quest to learn.....to breathe...to sing.....


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